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Entry #23

Series Reboot

2013-10-15 16:18:15 by davesurvivor

I have  made a new account called DaveSurvivorX
I will be using that account from now on and will repost this post to my new account
Anyway this will most likely be davesurvivor's final post
If you have anything to say please say it on my new account
I have finally decided to continue Sonic: The Shining Road.
However, I will be recreating Episodes 1 and 2 before I start the new stuff.
I will be changing the name to Sonic: The Dark World


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2013-10-15 16:52:23

Click my new name to easily visit my account


2016-08-11 04:57:21

you cant just change a name to something popular it has to stay that way