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davesurvivor's News

Posted by davesurvivor - October 15th, 2013

I haveĀ  made a new account called DaveSurvivorX
I will be using that account from now on and will repost this post to my new account
Anyway this will most likely be davesurvivor's final post
If you have anything to say please say it on my new account
I have finally decided to continue Sonic: The Shining Road.
However, I will be recreating Episodes 1 and 2 before I start the new stuff.
I will be changing the name to Sonic: The Dark World

Posted by davesurvivor - September 17th, 2013

I recently downloaded a free program called Unity that lets me create 3D games. After some practice, I will make a
Third-Person Shooter game and maybe a First-Person Shooter.!

Posted by davesurvivor - September 3rd, 2013

I have delayed the production of the Shining Road series until after I finish a couple of classes for college. I am attending classes for game development. I am hoping that I can include what I learn into my flash game. Sorry for the wait :(

Posted by davesurvivor - April 7th, 2013

I have made a short demo of Episode 2.5 of Sonic: The Shining Road.
The demo includes 3 mini-games and a battle tutorial.
The good news is that the demo is only 50% of the actual game.
I will make another post when the final version is ready to be published.

If you want to you can comment about the game here.

Posted by davesurvivor - December 9th, 2012

The long awaited Episode 2 will be officially completed today!!
Many of the things that were originally included are no longer here because of the stupid 16,000 frame limit.
Shadow no longer has a battle but he will have a medium sized battle in Episode 2.5
He still has a Mini Game so it is not just story for those who are concerned.
Just like I said during Episode 1, the first episode was mainly story and I said that Episode 2 will have a lot more interactivity.
The only thing that can prevent me from publishing the flash now is if my data was erased or corrupted (That would suck)

Please remember that the second half of Shadow's Story will be in Episode 2.5
Don't complain that Shadow's Story was crap because of plot holes and stuff.

One more thing,
Just so you all know, the first half of Shadow's Story actually takes place BEFORE Episode 1.
The second half takes place DURING Episode 2.

Just to be safe, I would like to point out that Sonic's stats will greatly increase in future episodes.
I'm only saying this because his stats (HP and ATK) in Episode 1 and 2 suck.
I did that on purpose to make it look like Sonic was pathetically weak compared to Zero.

I will keep this post up for a while.
My next post will be after I finish Episode 2.5
Until then, enjoy Sonic: The Shining Road.

Posted by davesurvivor - December 4th, 2012

I have just recently finished Sonic's first battle.
All I have to do is complete Sonic's second battle, complete Shadow's battle, and edit the Credits due to repeated words.
Since I lowered Zero's HP quite a bit, the battle is shorter than before.
This means I should complete Sonic's second battle within 2 - 4 days.
Shadow's battle will probably take me about a week to finish.
Fixing up the Credits will only take me a couple of minutes to do.

I predict that I will complete the episode within a week and a half.

I would like to say that Episode 2 will be worth the wait.
Sure the animation could use some work, but everything else has been greatly improved upon since Episode 1.
I will use the looping mechanism in Episode 2.5 to improve dialogue scenes.
By the time Episode 3 is published, my animation skills should be highly improved.

I will make 3 more posts before Episode 2 is published:

1 after I complete Sonic's second battle.
1 after I complete Shadow's battle.
I will make the 3rd post the day before I publish the flash.

One more thing
Even though the interactivity is more frequent in Episode 2, the Battle Menu is not yet fully interactive.
The Battle Menu will officially be fully interactive starting in Episode 3.

Posted by davesurvivor - December 3rd, 2012

Since I can only work on the flash when I'm at my house, I have recently been busy making Dialogue Scripts for Episode 3 and Episode 4 while I'm in school (When I have the free time)

I have completed the Dialogue for Episode 3 and have started it for Episode 4.

On December 4th. I will begin and finish the Shop.
On December 5th, I will begin the coding and animations for Sonic's Battle.

I will make my next post when I finish Sonic's Battle.

There is a 50/50 chance that I will have to delete Shadow's Story in order to fit in Sonic's Battle.
If it comes to this then I will include Shadow's entire story into Episode 2.5 instead of just the second half.

Posted by davesurvivor - December 2nd, 2012

I have recently found out how to loop certain objects while a button is present.
If this works the way I imagine it to then in Episode 2.5 the animation won't pause until you press the Next button anymore.

Now if you don't press the button the animations will loop until you press next.
Not only that but now I can finally add animated menus and animated backgrounds instead of still background images.

Oh by the way, when I one day finish the series I might remake the first episode.
However, it will still have the same opening and ending because I don't feel like redoing that.

As for the progress of Episode 2, I have officially completed the story part of it and now all that remains is the coding for the three battles and the shop...
Yes I brought back the shop and now the main menu has a Hints Button where you can get help on some of the hard parts.

About the shop, it is optional but unless you read the hints page you will not be able to defeat Zero without the optional item. It is possible though.

Posted by davesurvivor - November 30th, 2012

Hey everyone!
I really need some help finding a sprite background of a jail cell or something that could resemble a jail cell.
I also need a sprite background of a cliff of some sort.
If anyone would be willing to help I will add you into the credits for Episode 3.

For the cliff background, I am planning on Sonic standing ontop of the ledge looking at the moon for a certain scene.
I have a good pic of the moon and nighttime backgrounds already.

Posted by davesurvivor - November 27th, 2012

Snake makes several cameo appearances in episode 2.
If you would like to see other non-sonic characters make cameo and reoccuring appearances, please list them.
I will try my best to add them in future episodes.

Note: The following will appear from Chapter 3 onwards... (Except Snake because he appears in Ch 1 Ep 2)


Do not list Zero (Megaman Series) as it will cause confusion with the other zero character